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  • I have had the opportunity to have 4 readings by Betsy. The first one was the Soul Realignment.  At that time it was the most beneficial reading that I had ever had.  It resonated with me, and it explained unexplainable things that I do or things that I have experienced in my life.  It was full of rich information about me. On my Energy Center Frequencies Reading and Soul Specialization Reading, there were so many valuable insights and confirmations.  All of it opened up a new understanding about my life. It has been incredible where these readings have led me.  I am so grateful for all the information that came out of these readings.  Not only did I get information, confirmation and understanding about myself, but I have been able to apply this to my life and get great results! I also had my property cleared and there has been a transformation on that as well.  All I can say is Betsy’s delivery of the information and her caring spirit is so gentle and authentic.  All of this is priceless for the gift she gave to me with each reading.
  • I appreciate the sense of groundedness and peace I feel after one of our Reiki sessions.  The messages that Betsy receives through her intuitive powers are an added bonus!
  • Reiki practitioners with true spiritual channeling abilities can help deal with long time ailments and resolve body pain points.  I attest to having my tennis elbow, which had caused me much discomfort for over a year, relieved in one such focused session, never to return again.  To me, it’s about faith in the practitioner.  I truy believe in Betsy.  Her understanding of the practice, her abilities as a spiritual channel, and her own inherently gently spirit.  I feel very confident in her Reiki wisdom and its powers expressed through her.
  • Something just opened up in me with Betsy's reading.  It was filled with truth and validation of the multi-faceted person that I truly am.  It blew the lid right off the box I was trying to keep myself in! I will never be able to thank her enough.
  • I love working with Betsy Bass.  She is extraordinary.   Betsy always brings her full self to the work she does.  When she is listening to me, I feel that she listens with her whole body and that there is a soul connection between us because I feel completely heard and understood.  Not only is Betsy very intuitive, but she is fearless in her coaching work because she can remain unattached and completely non-judgmental and this makes me feel loved and accepted for who I am. Betsy is generous with her time and energy, and I can tell that she strives to continue learning in order to be in service to her clients. Her deep compassionate and loving spirit make working with Betsy a very meaningful experience.